We are fully operational again!

(Previously “De Firma CNC”) We offer Carbon Copy Machining (CNC) services in wood and plastic. We mill logo, interior and signing parts. We are located on:  Sophialaan 5 C4, Utrecht (The Netherlands). Call or email us for a quote request or proposal.   +31630298602

Method of working


Michiel van Dijk

CUTTER CCM – COMPUTER CONTROLLED MACHINING. We offer a CNC milling service for logo, singing and interior parts. We aim for large orders. Our workshop is located in Utrecht, NL.

Below some frequently asked questions:

How does CNC Milling work? A CNC mill is a computer controlled milling machine. The mill moves after a digital drawing in X, Y and Z direction trough the material.

How do I submit my design for milling? If you have a finished drawing of the parts you want to mill we’d like to receive a DXF or DWG version of this drawing. Please put the number of copies you’s like to be made in the file name as well as the material you’d like us to use. Other file types like AI or EPS gennerally also work. Please put one size reference in your file to check the correct size. With more compelx files we’d like to receive a layered DXF file with each machining type on a different layer. Here you can download a layered DXF file template.

In what kind of materials do you mill? We mill in wood and some plastics like PVC board, foam or plexiglass.

Do you supply your own material? We supply the materials we mill ourselves. In some cases you can bring us your own materials to mill if for instance its a kind of material that we do not have easy access to.

What is the size of your workarea? The cnc mill we use has a workarea of 305x150cm (59×137 inch). The mill has a vaccuum table to keep the materials in place.

What are the prices for cnc milling? The costs of cnc milling depend on the kind and amount of work you request. If you send us a drawing we can calculate an exact price for your order.

What is the lead time for milling requests? From the moment you place your order we can generally deliver the parts within one to two weeks, depending on the job size and how busy we are.


Method of working